On the drive home tonight Dan and I were talking about Christmas, and when he asked what I wanted I didn’t have a good answer for him. The truth, as corny as it sounds, is that I have everything I want right now. So bear with me for a moment as I list what I’m most thankful for this season of reflecting.

1. Our health. I’m a hypochondriac who hates the doctor, abuses WebMD, and falls all the time. That the three of us are happy and healthy seems like a near miracle each day.

2. Dan. All that about marrying my best friend and being so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life is true, but I’m mostly just so happy I found someone who loves me despite (because of?) my crazy and deals with me, all of me, day in and day out. I’m a handful.

3. This sweet puppy. This blog has basically become the Kaylee chronicles (sorry!) but in the past month this little pup has taken over our hearts and our lives. I’m exhausted, completely, but so in love and so happy to call her part of our family.

4. Gainful employment. As of this week Dan and I are both gainfully employed in our fields (more on that later) which sometimes feels like a damn miracle seeing as how we both hold BFAs.

5. Our families. We have been so blessed with loving, supportive, hilarious, amazing family. Family who has bent over backwards to help us in this transition, family who is thoughtful and sweet and kind. We couldn’t have asked for better.

6. This house. We have a whole damn house people. After 8 years of small apartment dwelling I feel like a king.

7. Our friends. We have somehow managed to surround ourselves with a group of people who a) seem to like us and b) continue to be awesome. I’m not sure how we’re doing it, but I’m so grateful for our wonderful community of friends. 

8. Running. I’ve learned so much about this sport the past year and it’s become an incredibly important part of my life. I’m glad I get to keep doing it week in and week out (and that my body keeps getting stronger).

9. The South. I am so happy to be back in the land of biscuits and grits and long leaf pines. Hello, beautiful. 

10. My internet community. All of my interneting, between b&s, twitter, instagram, facebook, and this blog, is incredibly important to me. I constantly get asked “what I’m doing with it all” (meaning, I think, when am I going to try and use the blog to launch to something better) and I always respond that, well, I’m doing it. Maybe it’s not ambitious but I’m so happy with what I have. A responsive and engaged community of people that seem to understand me and rarely ever say mean things. I’m a lucky blogger, that’s for damn sure.