Today I totok Kaylee to the vet for the first time. It wasn’t HER first time, obviously, but since she came to us vaccinated and we’ve been nomads for the past month, this was the first opportunity for us to take her to get checked out. And aren’t we glad we did.

She has fleas and roundworms, which she was treated for today (the fleas will be a long battle). She was weighed and comes in at a whopping 15 lbs. She also received an antibiotic for her cough (though they weren’t totally sure what was causing it), and two booster shots. All without a squeak of protest from her (she wins). 

We’ll take her back next month for another booster shot, to reassess the flea situation, and this winter she’ll also get vaccinated for rabies and spayed. It’s quite a laundry list of procedures for a pup and her doctor-phobic mama.