Having Brit & Aaron here was so much fun, and since we’re (not so secretly) trying to convince them to move here it was great to pull out all the stops and show them the best possible time. Here’s what we did:

Friday: They got here about 5.30, and so after they were settled in and had a glass of wine we headed to Amy’s Bowl. $10 all you can eat stir fry? Sold! Afterwards we headed down to Cape Fear Wine & Beer for a few drinks, which was great. We ended the night way past my bed time after a few hours of smoking hookah and relaxing at home. 

Saturday: Kaylee’s wake up call at 7am was horrible, but after a lot of coffee and a quick nap for me our day got started with a trip to Dixie Grill. We hadn’t been yet but it came highly recommended. Brit and I both got Dixie Eggs Benedict which were pretty tasty (though would have been better with a fried/poached egg, we agreed) and Dan got the banana pecan French toast, which was phenomenal. I’ll be eating that the day before my marathon in March!

Afterwards we had a quick visit with my parents who swung by to drop off some furniture on their way to Morehead, and then we headed down to the water front. Our original intent was to watch the Flyer’s game (Dan is from Philly and a big fan) but the game wasn’t playing so instead we headed down to the boardwalk for a cocktail. The weather was gorgeous and it was perfection to sit on the patio. We headed home, stopping at Kilwin’s along the way for an ice cream cone. At home we loaded the dogs up in the car and headed to Wrightsville Beach to watch the sunset and walk around a bit. It was pretty chilly but a nice night to be on the beach. 

For dinner we headed to our favorite haunt, the Copper Penny, where the waitress we’ve had every time remembers our favorite drink order and always greets us with a smile. It’s the little things that make a new town feel like home and the service at the Copper Penny is definitely one of them. After dinner we lounged at home playing Cards Against Humanity and relaxing. 

Sunday: Today we woke up early and headed to Kure Beach to hunt for fossils and explore the beach. We picked up fresh local oysters on the way home and then stopped at lunch at Hops Supply Co, a place we were eager to return after Dan’s birthday. Brit and I had burgers and Dan and Aaron had the Cuban sandwiches, all of which were phenomenal. I also had a Cucumber Bloody Mary that was refreshing and delicious without sacrificing any of the hearty bloody mary flavor. 

Totally exhausted from a morning in the sun and a long weekend we headed back to the house to start a fire and slowly crack our way through 1/2 bushel of oysters. When they left tonight to head home my heart broke; it was so wonderful having two of our closest friends in town for the weekend that I couldn’t imagine them being back in Virginia again. We’ll have to convince them to come back again. I don’t think it’ll be too hard!